August 21 Bulletin, 2016

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

August 21, 2016

Lutheran Book of Worship – Setting 1

Please stand when indicated by *


Welcome & Announcements

*Brief Order for Confession & Forgiveness p. 56

*HYMN: How Firm a Foundation #507

*Apostolic Greeting & Kyrie(“In peace let us pray to the Lord…”) p. 57-58

* Hymn of Praise (“This is the feast…”) p. 60-61

* Prayer of the Day

First Reading (bulletin insert)

Psalm (bulletin insert)

Second Reading (bulletin insert)


*Gospel Acclamation p. 62

* Holy Gospel (bulletin insert)

Sermon Rev. Mark Ryman

*HYMN: All People That on Earth Do Dwell #245

* Apostles’ Creed p. 65

* Prayers of the Church p. 65

*The Peace p.66

Offering & *Offertory (“Let the Vineyards…”) p. 66

*Offering Prayer p. 67

* Great Thanksgiving & Sanctus p. 68-69

* Words of Institution & Lord’s Prayer p. 69, 71

(“Lamb of God…”) & Distribution of Communion p. 72

*Post Communion Blessing p. 72

*Post-Communion Canticle (“Thank the Lord…”) p. 72

*Benediction & Amen p. 74

*HYMN: Glories of Your Name Are Spoken #358





Traditionally Grounded

Congregationally Focused

Congregational Announcements

Welcome to our Visitors!

Grace Lutheran Church welcomes you as you join us in worship this

morning. Please fill out a visitor card, available from an usher, and place

it in the offering plate today. We are happy that you are here and desire

to get to know you better. If you have questions or are interested in

hearing about membership, please see the pastor or contact him using

the information on the front of this bulletin.

Holy Communion

We come to the table this morning at the invitation of the Lord, receiving

the body and blood of Christ for the forgiveness or our sins. Baptized

Christians who share this faith and wish to join us at the table are

welcome. Young children may be brought forward for a blessing.


Grace Lutheran’s Women’s Bible Study

We will resume our twice monthly meetings on Tuesday, 13 September,

at 10 AM at Bermuda Village. The subject of the first three sessions will

be: “Three Keys to What Lutherans Believe”. You will have the

opportunity to pick up your study material, along with a calendar of

session dates for the rest of the year, in early September. Watch this

space for more details.

Congregational Concerns

If you know of anyone who could use a note of support, encouragement,

or get-well wishes please contact Ann Roth.

(, 434-251-0343) Ann has graciously

offered to serve as the secretary on behalf of Grace for congregational

concerns. Thank you, Ann!

Disciples in Service today, Sunday, August 21:

Ushers: Ashley Hurst, Richard Maxey Organist: Steve Holland

Lay Reader: Dick Kabis Acolyte: Ruby Hurst

Communion Assistants: Dan and Holly Alloway

Disciples in Service for next Sunday, August 28:

Ushers: Dick Kabis, Steve Frucht Organist: Steve Holland

Lay Reader: Susan Ryman Acolyte: Anna Frucht

Communion Assistants: Debbie and Marc Voigt

Grace Lutheran Church

Meeting at Hayworth-Miller Chapel

108 E Kinderton Way

Advance, NC

P.O. Box # 1735 Clemmons, NC

Rev. Ernie Sheldon, Pastor


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