Council Highlights, March 2017

Keeping the Congregation Informed. . .

  • Generally, Council agreed that we are looking for a permanent location west of downtown Winston-Salem.
  • Council voted to purchase a procession cross and 2 wooded crosses for the crucifer and acolyte.
  • There is no Sunday school on Easter Sunday to maximize fellowship with visitors.
  • W&M ordered 50 lilies that can be purchased by congregants as a memorial for the Easter service.
  • Grace has followed through on making previously approved contributions to the NALC, CMD and the Congo Mission Trip organized by Pastors Nuottila and Kalonji.
  • Grace voted to cover the lodging expense for Pastor Ryman’s attendance at “Campformation” this year.
  • Council voted to move $20,000 into the building fund from general funds.
  • Council voted to purchase a camcorder that follows a subject on its own for high quality worship footage that will have a prominent place on the homepage of our website.
  • CMD convocation – GLC need a delegate. Registration is $50.00 to attend.
  • GLC needs a supply pastor(s) for July 2nd and 9th.
  • NALC Convocation – needs a delegate.
  • Council voted to send out 2500 mailers for Celebration in the Park.

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