Inclement Weather Policy

In case of bad weather . . .

Worshiping together is important and every effort will be made to remain open in the event of bad weather. Presently we are a mission congregation. For this reason a number of variables factor into the decision to open or close – the safety of our parishioners being number one.

  • Like school closings we will wait until Sunday morning to determine if a change in schedule is necessary.
  • We will assess travel and parking lot conditions before making a decision.
  • If there is no change to our schedule there will be no announcement made.
  • We will communicate any changes in our church schedule by the following means:
    • Television: WXII Channel 12 is currently set up to announce schedule changes for us.
    • E-mail: An e-mail will be sent to those we have addresses for.
    • Website: Schedule changes will post on the home page of this website.